Twirl and Dip

Another – this one dangerous – thing in the SFCB ‘hood – Twirl and Dip! Which, for some reason – alphabetical order? – I want to say Dip and Twirl, either way it’s a great name for a soft serve place, I like the dance overtones. It’s tucked away in a courtyard corner behind a Philz coffee, if not for the sandwich board on the sidewalk I would have gone right by. Even, once found, rather nondescript – not, of course, that descriptness has any particular correlation with tastiness.

Which yes, soft serve, so it’s the machines. Not quite the same as an ice cream parlor, although they do have a small case with a selection of Mitchell’s, if you’re actually hankering for hard ice cream. And yes, this is most definitely NOT Fosters Freeze – not that there’s anything wrong with that! Although I did not actually have the direct comparison vanilla with chocolate dip – oh chance for reprise visit – but from what I did have I feel pretty safe saying that. Might even bet something.

What did I have, you might be wondering… I was feeling a bit daring and adventurous, and, being the only customer in the shop at the time, didn’t feel like I’d be holding anyone up so I ordered (despite almost automatic disqualification based on name) the Pompom Island specialty cone – vanilla bean soft serve, lemon syrup, toasted coconut, candied ginger, whipped cream on a handmade sugar cone. Oh my mouth is watering writing that down and thinking about it. Super yummy tasty vanilla-y soft serve – which I’m sure would be more than enough on its own, but the toppings combination was just perfect. Straight awesomeness, and in a cone to boot. A little spendy, but worth the splurge since I’m not doing it every night, and hey, for dinner in the City that’s actually pretty reasonable!

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