All set up and inked up and a proof and yeahitlldoImeanyesIlikeit and on to the Good Paper and YesIDO and another and then whathaveIdone?! didn’t think I had too much impression, and the O-V-E are still fine and it’s the middle that’s kinda weird no didn’t get something extra in there by mistake no just the paper

and maybe it would be possible to sand it down level it out then shim it up again but beyond me at the moment and no there’s no propping up just the middle and so wailing, rending of garments I feel sadbad I was liking how that was looking and now OK not that I need more pieces of printed paper, but really and crushing responsibility there was only one L and now no L and it wasn’t a complete alphabet anyway and they’re generally used sparingly as initials so it’s not the end of the world but it is a loss and a mystery so I leave it for Eric, with a note so sorry sadpanda and

Here’s the answer: Faulty casting at the type foundry.
When they get the lead temperature wrong or the cooling jet is out of sync or the imp was messing with them. We have that problem with Broadway 24-point too. Pockets of air just behind the typeface.

which makes me wonder if, without some sort of x-ray vision, one could tell of the lurking implosion

His reply to this query: I don’t think one could foretell the emptiness within a character. Although there may be a slight weakness of resolve, a faded cast of light in the face, a hesitancy to undergo the pressure.

that hits close to home, this whole thing really, that feeling that no matter how good the outside looks, there’s something missing inside, that I’m not whole, or somehow not enough and don’t accept/believe those compliments because those people don’t really know me and if/when they do they’ll realize what a mistake they made and yes of course the beginning of a Relationship REALLY brings this up for me that no he can’t really like and love ME all that and oh just wait until he really gets to know me.

and where the Hell does all that come from? and do I really believe it or is it just another way to push him away, to keep from getting to close, from really letting him in?

funny thing at the start I was going to *just* use the “plain” Della Robbia for the entire text, then started looking at ornaments and found the decorated capitals and then was still looking at ornaments and then ended up with just the text and eventually just the plain Della Robbia after all that

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