still under the spell of the large metal type, and OH there’s a whole nother drawer, even a little bit bigger and circling back to one of those stacks of pages this one sitting on my shelf a while – was that me or it that decided it needed a little rest? – ah well is it really one of those things that gets Decided? or is it a Happens? anyway playing in the DIRT again. first some blind printing which maybe no one else will ever even notice but the layers they are still there like all those things that happen to us and make us what we are.

then the varnish, still digging that too, although this time try the matte finish oh maybe the can actually said dull but who likes that and I don’t have a side by side with the shiny and hard to say when it’s not dry either but hmn but I’m just going to roll with it. and then grey/silver almost on the brown paper well don’t that beat a hen a peckin’ and then add some color can’t remember if it’s the same brown I printed with before but the varnish does change it a bit anyway and so it is what it is another hmn but yeah I think it will work and the semi-planning of placement but still don’t really quite know until I pull it up and sometimes what I was thinking the other way but yeah that reverse thing still gets me some times and others the unexpected is better even than what I was thinking and well maybe think about leaving some space for the poem too or not more is less or less is more or even more is more

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