Butterscotch Toffee Ice Cream

Somehow this package of Enstrom toffee crumbs survived not only unscathed, but UNOPENED in my refrigerator since last May. Probably the not entirely unfounded fear that, once opened, it would be consumed in one sitting. OK, I’d probably be standing, but yeah. Oops, was supposed to have eaten in by the end of November. Well, it still seems pretty tasty. And I manage to NOT eat it all (at once) by portioning out the amount for the cookie recipe on the package and then, oh hey, the rest of it seems like a good amount for an ice cream mix-in – which is actually what I’ve been meaning to do with it but haven’t gotten around to. The ice cream, that is. Ah but what flavor… vanilla would be one possibility but, hmn… David to the rescue, Butterscotch Pecan, minus pecans plus toffee bits. Oh yes.

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