S’mores Ice Cream

Once again, David, why do you do this to me? This this being S’mores Ice Cream. Yes, not just s’mores, not just ice cream, but s’mores ice cream. Mild vanilla base (although I did splurge and use the Tahitian Vanilla extract), fudge ripple (home-made), graham crackers (not), and marshmallows (not) – which I was looking forward to using my blow torch for the first time, but then it wasn’t fueled. Oops. So just went with the broiling – not sure if it would have been different with the blow torch, I had visions of nicely toasted individual marshmallows, but it turned into one big gooey mass, which I then had to divide into manageable chunks. I was wondering what that would do in the ice cream, it turned out to go crispy, but still slightly chewy – toasty awesomeness. Super tasty flavor. This one might not make it out of the house…

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