must be present to win

never been much on the New Year’s Resolutions – seems so arbitrary, and so often unsuccessful – whatever. but there is something about the turning of the calendar that does prompt some evaluation of where I am and where I’m going.

so for the year, overall, there’s this. and then somewhere I read about drawing a card (tarot?) for each month which that idea appealed to me – the one month at a time thing that is – and on my mind at the moment – being present.

in the general sense of not dwelling in the past or getting ahead of myself with worry about the future or trying to figure it all out or know what it all means. staying in the present. and then, really being here. not distracted, thinking about other things, wanting to be somewhere else or doing something else. but in the moment. here. now. focusing. choosing.

so… wood? no. thinking blind print. subtle. don’t hit me over the head with it. OK so the large metal type and FORCRISSAKES PEOPLE THERE’S THIS THING CALLED THE ALPHABET… can we keep the letters in that order? in straight rows? and there are two different sizes!! do you not notice these things when you put them back or does it not bother you that it’s all higglety-pigglety???

breathe. let it go. take the moments to put it right. enjoy the making order. feel the weight of the letters fall into place. my rosary. here. now.

set up. black paper. yeah something like that. oh have you ever tried to photograph that? does not translate. ok brown paper. some space on the page. and ah there’s some of the cover burgundy we used for the book.

then OKwhynot try some of Brooke’s magic varnish and hey this might be more actually what I was thinking but didn’t know it and yeah then on a few random colors and textures and then I’m on the proof press so turn the paper around and overprint and here I am with another stack of pages who knows what for but that’s the future. not now.




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