the s word

NO, you are NOT starving. You may feel VERY HUNGRY, but I’m willing to bet (and I’m not a betting person) that everyone I’ve ever heard say they were starving was not. Yes, I know it’s a figure of speech, but that doesn’t make it OK to say.

puts away soapbox

The ‘s’ word I actually came in here with is “sorry” – which, now that I think about it, OK not all the times it gets used in this case, but a large percentage of the time when it gets used the person is not, in fact, sorry. File under precise usage and saying what we mean.

That is, “sorry” gets used when there really isn’t a need for it, we’re really trying to say something else, but especially as a woman there’s that conditioning of wanting everyone to be happy, and not inconvenience anyone, not take up any space, so the “sorry” gets in there. Other times “sorry” is a placeholder for thoughts/feelings that are uncomfortable – either to have or to share or that we don’t have clarity on or figured out how to articulate.

It’s something I’m working on – the first part is catching when I’m about to knee jerk say it, then figure out what it is I’m really trying to say and say that instead. Of course there are times that apologies are necessary, so it would be nice to keep the word so it means something when it’s said. Although something else I’m working on – to live so those times of apologies are minimized.

Some alternatives to “sorry” here and a in a cartoon. Well and then there’s Rat…


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