starting off the new year with gratitude! yes there’s e-mail now but somehow I can’t shake the years of indoctrination of (hand) writing thank-you notes. and now I can well I was going to say make my own cards, but of course I could always do that, but now I’ve got the option of letterpress printing! always make a good impression!

a yummy Q and some Kennerley and at first the thought is to overlap so figure out how to do one on top left and the other on top right so when I flip and run through second pass everything is where I want it for two cards on one sheet ha! remember to flip it this time for the set up on the press

OK ah using only one color that might not show up so well add a little space then yeah wood and metal different heights futz around with that and the amount of ink and the Q isn’t quite as even as I’d like hmn try a different ink and then maybe it’s where it is turn the whole thing around oops went the wrong direction with the spacing huh kinda like that too no go back to the higher than

argh this was going to be ‘just a card’ well yeah see what I get for thinking that! not everything goes smoothly all the time sometimes you gotta work at it and sometimes good enough is good enough

and again, as always, at the end of the day, thankful for this place and its so many ways of amazing and getting to print here and experience all of that.

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