with some impeccable timing, and a wink and a nudge, the universe slid this one across my desk recently, and who was I to argue? but whether to go with a single type face or choose out of the misc. drawer. YES! although that miscellaneous thing does make the filling in of the space a bit of a challenge and ohhey how ’bout an exclamation point? YES! and let’s set it at a jaunty angle, shall we? thanks to Eric’s angle blocks that shapes right up. and finally get to a proof and need to fix up a couple of the letters and yeah that ‘f’ at a different level doesn’t work so much. hadn’t found a graphic but maybe it does need something else … layer of ‘yes’ in different type faces and/or different languages oh am I repeating myself again well hey what about some things to say YES! to? (list not exhaustive or in this order necessarily, your mileage may vary – that is to say – hey make your own. YES!) which I did have a previous start on this post, and it went deep quickly as far as what this is all meaning to me right now, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to corral allthefeels and express the gist of it succinctly but I did have a gut-wracking exhausting healing cry and then a nap followed by sitting in the sun and talking with my family on the telephone. YES! merry splendid crazy amazing messy life.

* good health * happiness * family * friends * love * laughter * joy * generosity * kindness * spontaneity * adventure * riding bikes * making art * fresh-baked bread * ice cream * blowing bubbles * breakfast for dinner * making love in the rain * walking barefoot on the beach * bowling * ping-pong * reading books * poetry * full moon picnics * sunflowers * trees * long hugs * big smiles * music * snuggling drinking hot chocolate and listening to the storm outside * splashing in puddles * soaking in hot springs * wishing on falling stars * hammock naps * flannel sheets * honey * road trips * waffles with maple syrup * skinny dipping * camp fires * shower beers * magic * sharing *

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