judi’s all ways know-

judi also had her bindings of the book at the Open House, which was nice to see after I’d done mine I think although now of course I have more ideas, which when are they never not distracting but just because I have them doesn’t mean I have to use them right away. Might not be the right time yet. Anyway, quite fascinating what different approaches we had. Whereas I’d gone with a different tab material for each page and assembly line style (“Which of course you would!” she’d exclaimed with her wonderful laugh and I figured I may as well take that as a compliment although it was probably just an observation), judi had done one book at a time, so each had tabs of similar material. She’d also experimented a bit with shaped tabs, and cutting notches in the tabs so you could see the strings other than at the end, and adding fore edge tabs, and different treatments of the string ends. Lovely!

Then we shared at the monthly Co-oP meeting, both the books themselves and talking about the whole adventure of it. SusanAmalia (who is actually the only Susan in the group, but for some reason quite often gets referred to with her last name) asked what we had gained from it. Hmn. Good question.

That in working on a collaboration there is still some of the same dithering that happens when I work on my own, and some that is different, but overall the working with others helped keep momentum. That external motivation… AND!!! That something like this is NOTHING like the “group project” bane of my school days – where more often than not it took longer to come up with something that was worse than what I could have done on my own – but infact working with others can be a splendid joyous sharing where we come up with a sum more than the parts.

Also that I don’t need to be (quiteso) afraid of glue and knots. I’d never done this binding before, so that was a gain! It was great to finally use some of those piles of paper scraps I’ve been saving for *someday*, and I like how the re-use adds another layer of meaning to the object. This is also a great binding to use if you don’t have – or don’t want to decide on – a particular order when you start printing, as you can put the pages in whatever order you want up to the last minute when you tie them together. Which has gotten my mind thinking on structures and perhaps it’s time to *dosomething* with some of those stacks of printed pages I have – find some sort of finish for some of them. That I could allow myself to use some of my “printing” time for printing related things. Hey how ’bout that?!

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