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every year meh BAH HUMBUG not going to do Christmas cards this year and then OK yeah I really do it’s one of the parts of the season that I actually do kinda like and now I’ve got access to the candy shop of print shops and so I oughta come up with something and had books pulled out for the Open House and that in the beginning got the wheels going upstairs and OH! and a which of course MUST use the world’s most delicious ampersand and then find an A and a star look how nicely they play together and for the text something with regular and italic in the same size and oh hello Garamond

note to self that mock-up thing works yeah butalso you have to remember to flip it over sheesh rookie move anyway and oh wouldn’t it be fun no keep it simple one color ink the Rubine Red Eric used for the Elldim card and start with an ivory paper but then what the heck try it on kraft yeah I know everyone’s doing that but it does end up looking better whoda thunk?!

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