tie one on

Turned out to be 6 variations for the front cover, in a rather uneven distribution, and one that I thought I’d done hadn’t actually happened. Oh well. Set three aside for special/authors’ version for me, judi and Katie which I haven’t figured out quite what I’m going to do yet so we’ll see how that goes.

On with the other seven. Knots. Another one of Those Things. Jeez, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done… People show me knots and tell me what situations they are good for, but they don’t stick in my head. Guess I don’t use them enough. heh. Well, if you can’t tie knots, tie lots. OK not so much here. Just your basic square knot. You can do this.

Oh maybe should have glued up a few pages to practice with. Well, like custom houses these things are always sorta prototypes anyway. So, here we go. Over, under, oops, snug it up. Now back. The strings are plenty long enough. And ooh heck lookithat the pages lay flat open like a book no IS a book ohboy.

Fall into the rhythm of it. litany rosary notidle hands bless me father for I have sinned yeah that one about lustful thoughts for someone else’s husband. again. not that that’s what I’m after or it’s all the time but and no interest in being the other woman or breaking up someone’s marriage. too much drama and baggage. no thanks. just demographics do not seem to be my friend. so I know, you’re telling ME it’s getting old?! and how very cliché yeah we’re all bored with it or wait is this a test if I pass will you finally send a good single one for a change?

and wait I’m not sure I believe in sin anyway, but yeah there is right and wrong and this one feels different but it isn’t, is it? I mean I really like him that was first, friends and then unexpected, unintentional gotten all mucked up with this otherstuff. no that doesn’t make it OK. unavailable. not mine. I know. it should be that simple. so how does this confession thing work, anyway? reset. clean, good as new? will it make these thoughts stop? speaking of, *just* thoughts, not acted on. is there a distinction there? or is it all the same thing? andif admitting it is the first step now what?

Oops, getting ahead of myself, that’s not the next page. Notice it right away though, so only one that I have to undo. Wow fun to see how the different tabs flow from one to the next and yes it does work ohboy yes that this is good feeling. those damn feelings – how do you know which to trust? Which to go with? argh.

blessed mother not that I expect any answers but I can see how some might find comfort in having a personage to address with all of this although something about praying to a virgin seems like she might not be particularly helpful in this situation well maybe understanding that unfulfilled ache but notsomuch the couldmight sweet ecstasy if we gave in to the desire GAH i want your (hands on me) Sinéad that is SO NOT HELPFUL right now

tie the knot

yes there is a certain ironic perfection there that doesn’t escape me. I seem to be getting that on a fairly regular basis these days. next, please.

oh, am I short a copy of this page? no… didn’t double up on any of the ones I’ve tied. look again. hmn. nope. well… oh, there’s the authors’ stacks. yep. got two on one there. whew.

this is really going together! I’m not sure I would have chosen this binding – not sure what I would have chosen – but I’m really liking it. Does make the spine rather thicker, if I had some time I might put some tabs on the fore edge too, well maybe on the authors’ versions. And I’m seeing an accordion done this way, although it does sorta override the ease/simplicity that’s much of the attraction of an accordion. But then life isn’t always about ease and simplicity, is it?

Soundtrack: Kitka, Wintersongs; A Choir of Angels II, Mission Music; Vision – The Music of Hildegard von Bingen; Sinéad O’Connor, The Lion and The Cobra; Lucinda Williams, Sweet Old World; John Whelan and Friends, Celtic Crossroads.

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