glue-me afternoon

Rain in the forecast and a 200k the day before, happy to be inside. Gather all the bits and pieces and parts – the things to be glued, and the glue, and lots of paper so I always have a fresh surface (who says there’s not a use for phone books any more?) and wet and dry paper towels for managing errant glue and … OK this audio book won’t play so music and and and just get to it already.

Heh. Uncollate the books. Maybe I’ll start with a page in the middle so I learn something before I get to the covers, what people will see first. Unfold the tabs, mark the crease with a little pencil, thank you judi’s voice of experience – can be hard to see once you get the glue on. And glue and put together with the string. And. Sometimes there is no and. It just goes together. Just. Like. That. What? Why have I been putting this off so long? What was so scary about that? Yeah, where have we seen this before? Maybe I’ll start one of those lists, “Everything I Needed to Know about Life I Learned in the Print Shop.”

And later I did mess one up, fortunately it was one of my pages so I had a spare. But yeah, they’re not going to be perfect. Live with it. Trying to “fix” it sometimes makes it worse. Oh what the heck? I do what seems like *exactly* the same thing, but it comes out different. Huh.

Doh and the paper and string are not a zero volume line. So having the fold in the center of the tabs means it comes out longer on one side due to the space they take up. Start with the longer side on the “back” but then sometimes the string doesn’t stay on the edge where it’s “supposed” to be so I change to longer on the front. Well if I’d been slick I’d have alternated so the lengths “matched” on the facing pages.

Are those strings going to be long enough to tie easily? Well that’s next step, don’t get too worried about that, we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. But maybe next time cut longer and trim later.

Quickly realize not going to get them all done, although I do catch myself with the how long it “should” take and then wth? I’ve never done this before, what do I know about any kind of how long? But do get past half way, so only 44.4% unglued. Heh.

Soundtrack: Peter Gabriel, (melt); Laurie Anderson, Heart of a Dog; Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose; Hapa, Hapa; Solomon Burke, Don’t Give Up On Me; Joseph Arthur, Redemption’s Son; Kindred Spirits – A Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash; Karma to Burn, Wild Wonderful Purgatory.

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