printing done sigh of relief although I know not so fast it’s a book which requires the putting together of it at least in this case where we have decided that it is That Sort of book and so there were tabs and then the string and the morass of procrastination where I know there will be hitches and detours along the way and it will all take longer than I think even knowing that it always takes longer so I’m far past the logical start time but of course if it weren’t for the last-minute when I just need to do SOMETHING and oh perhaps that it takes away all that finegaling scritching about for the perfect which I know is never going to happen anyway at least part of me knows that of course whole nother question as to whether the all of me actually believes that but at the last-minute at least I have the excuse of being short on time for not at least trying everything to make it perfectlike and ofcourse there’s glue which really shouldn’t be so threatening but I’m not always so comfortable seems to permanent don’t wanna mess anything up HEAVEN FORBID oh except I don’t believe in Heaven at least not the biblical one so there’s a weight off it’s paper and string string and paper not the end of the world.

the latest to get up to the number I need – Encyclopedia, Japanese Biology book or should I say Biology book in Japanese – I don’t think their Biology is different from ours, washi paper, and from the stacks leftovers and drops from previous Erraticas each have a story to tell even though you don’t need to know it for the overall tabs effect and all cut and folded now, and in order somewhat aesthetically how they look next to each other although hard to tell for sure until I actually make one but also somewhat matched to the poem although trying to not be too literal with that as if there’s something wrong with that hmn where does that feeling it should be avoided come from? lined up as if there will be some sort of assembly line smooth coming together yes I hear you laughing, universe

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  1. judigoldberg says:

    hmm. you want some help by which i mean, company?

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