something I think I’d like to know, #240

there was a woman downtown the other day, with one of those wheelie-bag carry on luggages, although she didn’t look like she was going to be going on any sort of airplane trip. not to stereotype, just sayin’. she didn’t seem to be going any place in particular, and at one point she stopped, let go of the handle of the bag and just SCREAMED. not long enough that anyone felt like maybe someone should DO something, you could almost tell yourself you’d imagined it, but yeah. then she took the handle of the bag again and continued on her way. which you might thing I’d want to know why she was screaming, and yes that is a question, but what first occurred to me, and continues to, is … what keeps most of us from being a wheelie-bag screamer? the world is a very nonsensical place in so many ways, and yet most of us keep the wheelie-bags in the closet unless we are actually going on an airplane trip.

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