no strings attached

I’d like to have these done by the Open House (December 13, mark your calendars!) – external motivation, check – the pages are printed, tabs (at least some) are cut … need the string. String ordered. String comes in. Sits on shelf … what IS it stalling me out?!

OK, cut the sting. Don’t get sidetracked with options. 10 inches. Cut the damn string. Oh these scissors are too big. This is going to take a while one at a time … zzzt zzzt zzzt light bulb flickering noise DING! Cut a piece of cardboard, wrap around, cut at the ends. DONE. Why didn’t I just do that sooner?

Now for the assembling of it all… momentum, momentum, momentum…

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2 Responses to no strings attached

  1. judigoldberg says:

    each one an adventure. but it’s a good ride.

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