the shape of space

in some ways, more than writing and then setting, the composing at the case made me very aware of the space in, between and around words. looking at the printed pages, judi asked something along the lines of whether the space was how I read the poems.

>blank look< huh…. >thinking< … not so much. the space had been a visual element. but then convention is for space to signify some sort of pause

or break     isn’t it?

so there you go. then taking them apart reminds me how for letterpress all that space has to be filled in, and shows how much is “empty”, no words that is, and makes me think of conversation, and how that space can be, where the words aren’t – sometimes comfortable, sometimes painful, sometimes awkward, sometimes feeling like they need to be filled up with words, other times not. and sometimes what isn’t said is just as important as what is, that dance between explicit clarity – to the extent we can ever really understand another – and the implied/inferred what you wish/hope/want it all to mean – not knowing where it’s all going and trying to be OK with that.

ain’t no cure for life

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