Pineapple Guava Ice Cream

It’s good to have friends that know you, right? Although that means they know my weaknesses for adopting wayward fruit and my wonderings of “how would this be as an ice cream flavor?” and I come home to a bag that smells like paradise and says “Enjoy!” on my doorstep. Sigh. Smile. Yes, I know, there’s worse things in life.

So, pineapple guavas! Which I’ve seen on trees and smooshed on the sidewalk below and kinda wondered if they were edible but never gotten around to trying. Very nice smell and flavor – tropical fruit mashup – but not my new favorite fruit due to texture. Not complete violation but just not quite right. Anyway, now I know.

And yes, I did make some ice cream. Like the fruit, great flavor, but, a bit of distracting texture. A little grainy, which is not really what you want from ice cream. Well, maybe what YOU want, but not what I want. The recipe said to cut up, but I chucked the fruit in the blender, and ended up pureeing it. Maybe if I’d left it more chunky it would have worked better. Or strained the puree to get the texture out. That might be the ticket. Next time… argh.

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