keep the momentum next thing is the binding we’ve agreed on tabs and knots, katie orders the string oh that’s probably not the right word for it but you know what I mean and I like the tab size of judi’s example going to go with that NOT get sidetracked by the ohsomuchmanypossibilities although ok maybe for the cover something different, shaped yes I know rectangles are a shape so a non-rectangular shape or not set orthogonally and at first I see an angle but then can’t quite get the point to go where I (think I) want it and so back to rectangles but different sizes and not just one well we’ll see what happens when I actually glue one

and of course there’s the whole thing of paper color yes and on to the inside then first page second cover as it were reuse some of the trimmings from the pages I like the idea of getting the deckle and then some other printed materials – book, atlas – haven’t decided on which page those will go to, and things from my stacks of pages IWILLNOTPRINTANYTHINGNEWFORTHIS use exisiting materials for once and jeez it’s *just* cutting paper but there goes the time

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