another one of Those Things floats around mumbles and bumbles background hum all around you not just in the junk drawer hidden underneath the extra garage door opener, bbq lighter and a manual for an appliance no longer extant but not always Thought About either as so many of These Things are then something makes you stop and ponder on it

this time, one of my Co-oP mates, printing on fabric huh that’s cool but then the backstory! she’d had cataract surgery, on one of her eyes, so now she was seeing things in two colors – one, the “real” color, if she just looked through the operated on eye, the other, that she’d thought was “real” in the undone eye. the development of the cataracts had been a slow shift over time, whereas the operation had been sudden, and, with only one done, now there was a comparison. so the two prints were what each eye was seeing (I’m forgetting now which was which, and the pictures don’t show quite as much of a difference as they are in real life, but you get the gist of it.)

which … right. what is reality then? it seems like it’s supposed to be some fixed monolithic absolute truth sorta thing – or perhaps that’s just another myth in my head. but if you’re perceiving something, like the color shift, how is that not real? or maybe it is real but not reality? that reality is the common denominator agreed upon realness?

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