2014 Old Cazadero 300k perm


Photo tour version


The brevet version of Old Caz ended prematurely for me, so I needed a redo. (Darn goals.) I was able to talk Patrick and Mike in to joining me. I was just figuring on the same start time as the event, then someone pointed out since it was a permanent we could start any time we wanted. I went back and forth between 0600 and 0630 and couldn’t decide, so chose 0615, but when all was said and done it ended up being 0630 by the time we got going. From the Marina Safeway, also since it’s the perm version.

wild goose chase (photo by Mike)

wild goose chase (photo by Mike)

So a little bit of an adder, but then the usual up and over the bridge. I happen to notice a weather station I’ve never seen before. Beautiful sunrise in Sausalito, riding with a flock of geese on the bike path then the usual wiggle through Southern Marin.


Past Fairfax, Mike shares his mooncake. Oh, that’s good ride food! Construction on White’s Hill. Nicasio Reservoir is quite low. Cheese Factory, white shorts ahead … Andrea and Francisco! Also out on a perm.


Climbing Wilson Hill, Patrick points out the beer container litter. Foster’s, can. OK. IPA, bottle gets approval. A Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Oh that must be the girlfriend.


Vector across agricultural north-western Marin. Pass the shooting range during a cease-fire. At the top of Carmody It’s all downhill from here… (rando humor)

The first info control stop and there are pigs across the street! Lots of them. Snorting and snuffling around. Discussions of bacon ensue.

Time for the Burnside Burn. Mike gets ahead on the climb. When we regroup towards the top he asks what happened. (Well, besides him being a much faster climber) Blackberries! He asks how they were. Good! Well, a few winky ones. Winky? I expand his vocabulary.


He’s been eyeing apple trees, and a bit further on there’s one he can reach from the road and gets his apple. I’m happy now.

I get my happy now when we stop at the Wild Flour Bakery in Freestone. White peach, white chocolate cinnamon scone! And some entertainment derived from the attire of some of the other patrons. The 70s are calling, they want their outfit back. Putting bohemian in bohemian highway…


Up to Occidental, whee! down to Monte Rio and over to the always lovely Old Monte Rio Road. Old Caz climb and then the good times dirt descent to the creek crossing which I’m going to ride this time, going to ride this time, go … gah can’t commit at the crucial juncture. Stop and pick my way across on the stepping stones. Now climbing on the dirt. Mike and Patrick get ahead, but wait at the top. Patrick is swinging the gate back and forth, it’s surprisingly musical.


Kick in the pants descent, woo, yeah it’s warm, we need water before heading out to the coast. I though someone had said there was a place without going all the way in to town, but we can’t find it, so the store it is.

Back in the saddle and out Fort Ross Road. I’m ready to be done with it before it’s finished with me, but sometimes that’s how climbs go. The roll along the ridge then the payoff dive down to sea level.

From the top it looks socked in at the Coast, but it turns out to be a bit of an illusion, as it never feels like we go through or into the fog, but then it is overcast. I make it to Jenner with no apian encounters and breathe a sigh of relief. With the weather I’m not feeling like ice cream though. Hmpft.

(photo by Mike)

(photo by Mike)

And… off to … wait for it … wait … yes. More climbing. This the magical Willow Creek Road, which is extra splendid in the sweet late afternoon light. Patrick is skulking about behind the barricade at the end of the dirt. Ah, after a photo.

Cue the Peter Gunn theme! (photo by Patrick)

Cue the Peter Gunn theme! (photo by Patrick)

A bit more climbing on pavement, rollery along the ridge, and Joy Road in the preferred direction, back into the overcast. Heading south now, starting to have the on the way back feeling, but still a ways to go.


Valley Ford Estero Road, crossing over the creek I notice there are otters playing in the water! I’m starting to feel some time pressure about getting to Pt. Reyes Station before the sidewalks roll up, but I have to stop and watch. They are SO cute! The guys have stopped too, but eventually, well, we otter get going.

Mike eyes the sheep along the way for his next jersey. Beautiful evening sky. And … dark.

And, we’ve missed the market in Pt. Reyes Station. The kitchen is closed at the Station House Cafe, but the hostess lets us in and says we can have soup and bread if there’s any left. The guys get beers, I have the.best.cupofcoffee.EVER. I hadn’t realized til I was off the bike that I was kinda cold. YES! There’s soup. and bread. well, not just bread, POPOVERS! Yum. And, letterpress posters in the bathroom.

A woman comes over and chats with us about our ride. She talks about her son, who’s gone off to college, and all the bikes he has. Even one of those what do you call them where you have to pedal all the time… Fixie. Yeah. A fixie. I don’t understand those. Too bad Jason isn’t here to ‘splain.

Well, we do have to get back to San Francisco. Omigosh it’s gotten colder outside. And feels even colder from being warm inside. OK, get going. Pedal pedal pedal. Eventually warm up. Warm enough anyway.

Still dark. Down the coast. Stay on 1. Don’t think about the climbs. Just keep making circles. Slowly slowly. Eventually back to Tam Valley, and Sausalito, and final climbing to the bridge. It’s past midnight now, rolled into my birthday. Heh. Happy Birthday to me! And nothing says that like a pre-made Safeway sandwich and some peanut butter cups! Woo. Glad to be done.

more pictures: Patrick, Mike

Ride date: September 13/14, 2014

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