Salt Lake City Public Library System Main Library

Another somewhat unexpectedly super awesome thing in downtown Salt Lake City – the Main Library. Architecturally it somehow manages to be both majestic and welcoming, grand and yet human scale. The shapes and surfaces echo and interact with the other buildings surrounding it and the mountain ranges surrounding the city.

Of course the first thing I wanted to do was walk up the bridge, and what? it’s closed??? Oh, just slightly early, staff was just coming down and unlocked the gate just as I got there. Great views all around, and a nice roof garden. I didn’t figure it out, but you can go inside from the roof. I went down the slightly gritty outside staircase, and entered on the main floor on the opposite side from where I started. So that was cool to see the other side.

There’s a plaza area, with some little shops on one side and the library on the other. Lots of open area, and glass opens the space to the outside. It was a sunny day with dramatical clouds the day I was there, would be interesting to see when there’s more weather going on. Great art – Psyche, Shards – and others, a gallery space and a variety of work areas arrayed over the multiple floors. Quite lovely.

more pictures

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