in case too

I’d gotten two printed, and maybe could have done a third, but decided not to try to jam it in, that’s when Things Happen. So if I get there next session on time or a bit early like I’d meant to for that, then 3 shouldn’t be a problem but still, feeling the momentum, go in on a weekend day* which is the advantage also of the day light and I have the base of the form with the identidingbat to start from so it goes smoothly the set up that is and the Vandercook behaves itself

speaking of which, behave that is, judi had said – before starting to print hers – i will try and behave
which is not what she’s known for so I asked behave??? in what way? and why?
her response by behave i mean (as best i can) follow the agreements as we stipulated…

as far as page size and paper type and ink and placement, which for the text free although there is the binding on the left side to be thinking of which will indeed change the look of things but now that the words are all set it’s as graphic element and now that I’m thinking of behaving – or not – we didn’t say anything about orientation now did we?

and the covers, the paper that we thought we wanted is now discontinued, and word is that the color of it was the same as the stonehenge pearl grey which is I think what’s there in the shop that is lovely paper but now seeming too brown of a grey so maybe time to do something different entirely would a color be too much?

* then talking about howwasyourweekend chit-chat at work and I mention going in to the print shop and what am I working on poetry and my co-worker asks what the inspiration was and hmn that’s a good question I’ll have to think about that … sometimes it is something specific, but this, at the case … Everything. Nothing. Life. … standing there, with the composing stick in my hand, 15-pica line, 30 minutes … the alphabet before me. GO.

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3 Responses to in case too

  1. judigoldberg says:

    I already misbehaved.

  2. judigoldberg says:

    poetry, everything nothing just life all life, ho

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