as the case may be

the book. right. those poems. yes. set during Poetry Month. which was when? nevermind. distracted by paper we were. had The Perfect there in the shop. but. except for. not enough for the book, and no one knew what it was and so. the search, not finding It, but something like and then who knows vacations and other projects and lost traction and for whatever’s sake just go to Riley Street and BUY SOME G.D. PAPER and get on with it. don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good. and that mixing color ink after all that black (just) black on Canson Editions and no there’s no thing wrong with that.

aw jeez didn’t I make some decisions where was that list of which OK pick the five and ha find the list yes how about that – same ones! what are the odds but maybe that means it actually means something to come to the same after some time away and then there’s always that bit of hey was that me I mean did *I* write these? being able to read with some distance not sure I can say objectivity but not so close not so much me like maybe some sort of perspective

have no idea though which identidingbat, if any, I’d picked so just look in the box, the first thing that grabs my eye is a lanterny sorta thing but no that’s too big oh heylookeee cute little owl that won’t work either so hmn smaller oh maybe it was that tomoe that I’d chosen but that seems to obvious now ah there’s this other one that oh no wait, me has another bar, so it’s not what I was originally thinking, but reminded me of a kanji character, heh turns out not quite as literal sound wise anyway, but still a nice meaning, the sun, yes that will do although part of me things it’s too heavy compared to the letter characters the type face in the poems but that’s oh well.

set up in the Vandercook when was the last time I printed on this? the set-up goes quite smoothly and ink up and figure out where to clip the sheet in and all the paper cut last week and away I go clip, tape the edge so it doesn’t flop, roll, release onto the rack repeat.

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