Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

One of those lists – which of course now I can’t find the exact one – of Best Ice Cream Places in the Bay Area or somesuch, I want to say there were 10, and I’d been to 5 or 6 – go figure – and one of the ones I hadn’t been to was the mellifluously named Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. I tried to remedy that situation a couple of months ago, but when I arrived, they were sadly, inexplicably, CLOSED. Boo for me.

However, second time was the charm. After a lovely time being enveloped, I wended my way over to the Dogpatch neighborhood for a tasty treat. There were a few people already enjoying their ice cream, I walked up and was served right away. Others trickled in as I was eating, and a few had a short wait, but it never turned into a big line.

There were 9 flavors, the most unusual of which was probably the Basil with Salted Peanuts, which I did taste and enjoy, but didn’t feel like I needed a whole scoop of. The Crema Catalana (lime custard with burnt orange swirl) intrigued me, although at first the counter person thought they were out. Turns out there was another container, and so I tasted and got a scoop of that. Very lovely – excellently creamy, and nice balance of sweet and tart true citrus flavors.

I was interested in some of the other flavors, but they only give a couple tastes and you can’t mix flavors in a scoop. The thing to do would be go with someone else and get a triple! The freezer lids were solid, so you couldn’t see the ice cream unless they were open. In addition to the ice cream they have house made sweets – licorice, peanut butter malt balls, and I think marshmallows, although I didn’t see any of those the day I was there.

The space is high-ceilinged and airy, with one wall of all tall windows. I was there in the late afternoon, so the sun was beating in pretty seriously, but I was lucky to get one of the few seats in the shade. There are a couple of large long family style tables, and a couple smaller ones at the ends. The decor is a mix of modern/sleek/stainless and vintage/thrift store.

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