print in progress – I start – 18

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back in the shop, and glad to be there, but still between projects not that there’s nothing to do but maybe too much to choose from – which way to go lack of traction – ideas from the trip but not quite ready yet and so. ah! the exchange piece is back on my shelf. with blue bunnies! ice cream? what what? Le Mars, Iowa: The Ice Cream Capital of the World ?!?!

ooo shiny! blind print with large metal type and then the scissors thinking just expand it but then ends up in shapes and scatter no place? – ha how different those two words sound – the pieces around and glue stick some don’t want to so much so tape ah more blue blue who wild yonder oh there’s another rabbit hole to go down but no – ah this is probably making it difficult to print on well maybe that’s another way of getting to done or next phase anyway there’s other things that can be done and even the printing ve haf our vays you know


and there’s the other side ohsomuchgoingon but add a little on that side too


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