Eagle Gate


Travel is always a fascinating mix of planning and going with the flow. The Virgo/OCD part of me wants to have a PLAN, and not miss the “MUST SEES” of wherever it is that I’m going to. On the other hand, I know even if The Research Department tracked down everything to see there isn’t enough time, so I just have to let that go. Then there’s the if you’ve read too much about something the reality can sometimes suffer from the expectation. An out-of-the-blue thing can seem more special or make more of an impression.


Which brings me to walking down the street, well actually it was up, to the Utah State Capitol and HEY! Giant Eagle!!! I had no idea that was going to be there. (And, if I’d gone to the Capitol a different way I’d have totally missed it and never known the difference. So there you go.)

Very impressive, even flanked and somewhat dwarfed by modern buildings. It has gone through several iterations over the years as the neighborhood has changed. Originally made of wood, it was the gateway to Brigham Young’s (walled) homestead. Must have made quite the statement then!


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