According to the Wikipedia, kolachea type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough – is not just a Utah thing  – it originated as a semisweet wedding dessert in Central Europe and has become popular in other states – but since I’d never heard of it before my recent visit to Utah, the two things will forever be linked in my mind. I first saw the word on a sign in Heber City – I think there’s a whole store – I didn’t actually stop, although I was intrigued, and did pass by 3 times. (Twice I was on a bit of a mission to get elsewhere, and once was past open hours.) Then, on a slight misroute in Provo I saw a Kneaders, which I think is a chain, as I did see them elsewhere, but it’s a great name, and the sign said Pumpkin Bread is back! so I had to stop. Amongst all the other delectable looking baked things (Fortunately I’d decided and paid before I got to the Dessert Case) there was a Lemon Kolache Muffin Top. Which may be a bit of a stretch of the word, and I may not really be able to say that I’ve had kolache, but it sure was tasty – nice moist lemon muffin surrounding a lemon curdish center. And who can argue with learning the new thing for the day being about pastry? (Although the counter person at Kneaders did seem to think kolache was a common knowledge sorta thing.)

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