print in progress – I start – 17

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back! with some flair… judi’s discovered washi tape… I’m still wanting to cut it up. into pieces. but doesn’t seem quite right. overstepping some how. or not quite time. but so much going on. not finished seeming though but I’m just not up to adding something to the front this time. fortunately there’s a whole ‘nother side. nice. and the miscellaneous wood type drawer. nnnnnicce.


oh jeez someone’s packed up the cylinder don’t feel like unpacking so I’ll just print on thinner paper yes that graph paper caught my eye and let’s do something about the straight edges of that square that’s on there already and rip yes and crinkle the paper oh when I paste it down there goes some of the texture ok next one wrinkle it some ah yes well then looking at the picture later maybe shoulda angled it the other direction hmpf but who knows what will happen next


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3 Responses to print in progress – I start – 17

  1. judigoldberg says:

    fantastic the to and fro and the permissions and constraints, of collaboration, even in or perhaps especially without any stated rules. and the attributing sometimes to the other, to the external someone else, we do, the reason for or the reason or against action, or inaction. collaborating is tricky that way.
    thing is of course, collaborating with ones self is equally tricky.

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