For some reason I thought Paysanne made their own ice cream, so I made a point of stopping in Boonville on the way home from the most awesome riding my bike in the woods around Mendocino. Seemed like it would be a great way to top off the weekend. Turns out I was mistaken. Yes, the do have ice cream, but it’s Three Twins. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s actually fantastic ice cream, but… been there, done that.

All was not lost however. (And I would have been fine with Three Twins after an expectation adjustment if that was all there was.) Paysanne is a super cute store, and does have other sweet treats that are house made. The pastries were gone for the day, but they still had popsicles! Several intriguing flavors, I went with Ginger Peach, which was quite tastily gingery and peachy AND!!! star-shaped! How fun is that?

They also had house made sodas, the two flavors that stood out were Kumquat and Thousand Flavor. I had to bite my tongue to not ask what the thousand flavors were. Yeah, I’m not gonna be THAT person. I didn’t get either one, but they sounded possibly unusually tasty. Well, unusual at least. Maybe next time.

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