There have been three previous erraticas, the first two bound books, and the most recent a portfolio of broadsides. It came out of a desire to capture the flavor of what was going on in the print shop at the time, and also as a way for people who don’t come in during the same hours work on a project together. Or that’s my take on it anyhow, as with any group endeavor there’s no doubt as many interpretations as members.

Anyway, besides size, shape, type of paper and number of pages, and the second one having the theme of puzzles, there’s been very few constraints. The third in particular was spin-off/related/something you were already working on in the shop, I think partly out of people’s time concerns about participating. Although participation has always been optional.

Even without constraints, people want different levels of direction, and/or ideas about what the project is about or is supposed to be. There’s also the whole question of whether this is a collection or really a collaboration and how much to pay attention to what others are doing.

And then there’s been the whole question of how many to make and how much to charge for them, but I’m not going to go there.

It was never – or at least not originally – envisioned to be a clock-work regular every year same time same thing. I don’t know that there was even the thought that we’d ever do another. But, as these things go, you wrap one up, breathe an exhale of completion (and perhaps sigh of relief) and then move on, until some months down the road the idea starts to bubble up again.

So there was interest in doing a fourth, and editors, who then both went on to other things. A bit of a regroup and carry on, with the idea of river(s) and a collaboration in that we would all work on the same pages – like the exchange piece judi and I have and there’s also some other shop pieces going on (left on a designated shelf and if it’s there feel free to print on it) – and just see what happens.

Paper was picked out and then the tyranny of the blank page who wants to start and then maybe we’re all thinking about this too much and worried about ruining it or printing on what someone else has done or that people won’t like what we do or think it doesn’t fit or or or or oar. heh. ACK!

Which had just come out of the drawer like that but seemed to fit on the exchange piece and then since it was there on the press and me between things and maybe the eIV needs a little kick in the pants stop tiptoeing its just ink and paper for gawd’sake and maybe it’s over the line but sometimes that’s what you have to do to find it.

No two the same and switch up the letters which is flipped after a few oh then it just looks like it’s backwards that’s good and kinda done before printed the whole stack and I guess I didn’t have to print on all of them since they’re not the same anyway but I do because it’s there and at the end of the day somehow that does seem like the right thing to do not that there are any rules but yes you need to know them.

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