Sweet Scoops


Going to Sonoma for the Diebenkorn show. Hmn… what else to do there… OH! the googles Sonoma + ice cream comes up with several things, including Sweet Scoops. That sounds promising! And, looking at the map, not far from the Museum. In fact, they are right on the Square, so I also got my dose of touristing/window shopping on my way there. I was kinda surprised at how many vacationy looking folks there were on a weekday, but I guess technically it is still summer.

Apparently there’s been a recent change of ownership, so there’s a banner rather than a permanent sign on the building. I don’t know what it was like before, but the decor is super cute, AND (most importantly), the new people make their own ice cream. (Word is the previous place served Ben and Jerry’s, which is certainly tasty and will check the ice cream box just fine, but not necessarily worth making a point to stop for.)

There were a dozen flavors in the case for scoops and whatnot, also sweet treats to go. All pretty standard flavors, nothing I’ve never come across before or unusual flavors or combinations of flavors. I tasted the Butter Pecan, but decided to go with the Peaches and Cream, which I was quite happy with. Very peachy and creamy.

Nothing fancy but well executed – nice, tasty, quality ice cream. The people at the counter were friendly and efficient. I would not make a special trip just to go there, but if I happened to be on the Square in Sonoma, in the mood for ice cream and there wasn’t a huge line I’d go again.

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