The Intimate Diebenkorn

Another last-minute visit to a Big Name Exhibit at a local venue. This one was The Intimate Diebenkorn Works on Paper 1949 – 1992 at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Again, I’d never been to the venue, and the town on Sonoma falls into similar don’t quite get there distance as Petaluma. Plus, Sonoma is super touristy, which additionally demotivates me about visiting.

Anyway, the Museum is about a block off the square, in a sleek modern style building. There’s one large exhibit space, a classroom type area, and (nice surprise) a reference library. Another bonus, admission is free on Wednesdays!

There were about 50 pieces, with a variety of media and subjects. Nice exhibit design, which also included some quotes by Diebenkorn and biographical information. Not a whole lot of reading though, but then the works really speak for themselves. There was also an area in the back of the Museum where videos were being shown – one of Diebenkorn working on prints at Crown Point Press in 1986, and an LA County Museum of Art piece from 1977 when he had a big show there.

Again, great size of exhibit and I was able to really look at everything. This one allowed photography, as long as no flash was used.

I particularly enjoyed the ink and graphite (black and white) pieces. His lines are amazing – the variation and how much he is able to convey with sometimes to little. Drawings I usually think of as more exploratory, trying things out, seeing what sticks, and obviously these are selected for a show and framed behind glass so that may influence my perception of them, but most seemed very finished and that there was not much extraneous in them.

It’s a lovely show. There isn’t much time, as it ends August 23, but I’d recommend getting over and checking it out.

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