pop popper

Now that Ice Cream Month – well observed and celebrated, of course – is over, time to get back to that popsicle thing. OK, not that the ice cream is going away, but yeah, POPSICLES!

Banana-Blueberry from – I know, eye-rolly – Martha Stewart, cause I had those ingredients and that’s what came up on the googles and it looked good. Was good, although I just layered, didn’t marble. Oh and used plain yogurt.

And another of the Smitten Kitchen ones, which the original recipe was Pink Lemonade, using raspberries, and I pretty much have to do the recipe as written the first time – another Thing, I know – but had some lovely fresh strawberries so used them instead for Strawberry Lemonade popsicles! Very nice and I’ll have the Pink Lemonade to try another time.

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