(Q8) want and (Q9) need

or maybe that’s (Q8) need and (Q9) want – the needs do come first I suppose – although sometimes you get the one before, or instead of the other, but that’s a whole ‘nother digression. and sometimes – at least it seems like – it’s hard to tell one from the other.

anyway, neither had been on the list yet, but somehow came out of the what did you expect? – ah yes, the what do you expect? I suppose more explicitly the what do you want? and what do you need? oh by the alphabet need comes first too so there you go where was I needs and wants and being able to realize what they are first of all and then articulate them and THEN well all along really to be clear about them.

clarity what is it really the I don’t want you to do that that feels like control what is that about and if it had been I want to spend more time together I don’t understand why you want to do something that doesn’t involve me would I have done anything differently? ah, there’s another question, yes?

it’s not a waste of time if you learn something, right? always.somuch.to learn. what DO I need? what DO I want? a regular (oh is that called Roman – speaking of, have you heard the Roman walks into a bar joke?) and italic. somehow need seems italic. and looking at the cases – Garamond 30, and there’s actually a bold, let’s use that for the want. and set as regular text, with space. clarity.

mix from my little ink pots, let’s see what some red and goldbrown does – oh just makes it a darker purple although of course it never quite looks on the paper the way it does on the mixing plate but it works or at least I’m using it

and shuffle and top 104 – 52 for each although I can’t resist cross printing one of them which I feel sorta guilty about although hey if I were doing them serially rather than parallelly then they could potentially end up on the same card but anyway again the surprise of it despite sometimes kind of trying to plan the placement you never really do know how it looks until its been printed and sometimes WOW and sometimes not so much.

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