The Penny Ice Creamery

Hadn’t made it here the last time I was in Santa Cruz, but that situation has been rectified. And on National Ice Cream Day, no less. Although they didn’t seem to be making any particular observances. I forgot to manifest no line, but I’m sure it can be much longer, and it actually went pretty quickly. They had 9 flavors, all of which sounded amazing. I was going to get the Tahitian Vanilla, as I think how someone does with a vanilla is really the gold standard, and then a second flavor, leaning toward the Blueberry Black Licorice. But, when it got right down to it, after tasting the Black Tea Peach and the Blueberry Black Licorice – just to be sure, you know – a scoop of the Blueberry Black Licorice seemed like it would be plenty. I know, I know, have I been kidnapped by aliens? But I saw what people ahead of me are getting, and they are fairly generous scoops. On the house made waffle cone it was awesome! Great flavor combination. I probably never would have thought of it but it was really good. And I don’t know what they did to the blueberries but they were not icey at all. Super creamy tasty deliciousness! I’m sure it’s just as good on non National Ice Cream Days as well.

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