’tis the reason

metal again Onyx 30 pt and Poco – the press – and some new cards cut up proofs from e3 and the speakeasy and pick out more from the stack to make 52. for some reason – there’s that word – I’ve been keeping separate stacks implying some sort of order but now I just shuffle them all up together and tell myself next time I’ll just take the top however many it is I decide to print that time well we’ll see if that happens

and so set no space 15 pt line it will fit on the card either way and mix of lower and upper case oh if I’d been clever I could have picked out another word to emphasize with the caps but no it’s just what happens maybe the shapes of it thinking some sort of rhythm and run together and if I’m doing that anyway the line break can be wherever and so go with the same length ish not as the same as I’d like but that’s the thing with this sometimes set in lead size is fixed

as for the question it’s a humdinger for sure do things happen for a reason? not even going to take on the awful horrible things which I can’tdon’twantto think there would be anything that could justify but the regular life sorta stuff where maybe it is just coincidence or how we notice and remember the one time were thinking about someone we haven’t talked to in twenty years and they call (but not the 5 times we are thinking of them and they don’t call) want to believe in cause and effect or patterns I suppose that’s the biology thing though, survival instinct notice and remember how to avoid getting eaten or crushed or whatever untimely demise and back to that question when something doesn’t work out and later you realize that led you to something even better and sometimes it seems like there was a Reason

and/or then there’s this


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