Dry Creek Peach

After I don’t know how many years riding by at the wrong time of year and thinking, “I should go sometime when it’s peach season,” I finally made it to Dry Creek Peach! The farm stand is an unassuming lean-to addition on to the garage. The day I was there, four of the thirty varieties were ripe and available to taste and buy. Two were white and two were yellow, I tasted them all, although to be honest I couldn’t really tell much difference. They were all yummy peachy goodness. They also had nectarines, which were very home-grown looking, but the woman said were one of the best things they grew. As I was leaving, a fellow came in and bought a whole box of them. He’d been by on a bike ride previously and tasted them, and called to make sure they had more and came back to get them. Unless you’re really into peaches, or know you want to buy a whole bunch of them I’m not sure I’d make a trip just to go there, but if you’re already in the area, or it’s on your way, I’d definitely recommend stopping.

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