how do you know?


had been a little reluctant about inking something up but yeah, get over it. and after playing on the print exchange alrighty then what’s the next question? how ’bout this one from judi seems apropos…

how do you know what you know?

first try both k's were low and didn't print. what do you (k)now?

first try both k’s were low and didn’t print. what do you (k)now?

which is a bit of what, and how, and why all rolled up in to something that you don’t really think about I mean you just know things right that’s just how it is common knowledge except it isn’t really

Norfolk Island Pine
that’s what it is, how does someone not know that?
well OK sure not everyone has a plant person in their life
or cares
I wonder though, did I ask? or did he just tell us.
I know sometimes the one, sometimes the other.
I can’t remember for this.
but the name stuck, and what it goes with
so there it is

but what about everything else? and do I really Know what I think I know? I do know the more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know.

which somehow it all seems to go in a circle so there’s that form going with thing and then also just to do something a little different I use the Daredevil Furniture woohoo! and after all that and thinking maybe I wouldn’t get so much done I end up printing 52. a full deck, so to speak.

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