print in progress – I start – 15

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not that I’ve finished anything but I have a bit of that between things kind of feeling or maybe it’s just unsettled not that there’s nothing to do but too much and so the question of what which where to focus and sometimes it all seems like such a Production and do I really want to get out the type and set it all up and get inky and then there’s the clean up and like so many things in life when it starts to get overwhelming don’t think about it all at once it’s really not So Much just do the. next. little. thing. one foot in front of the other. one more pedal stroke. one more word. I can do that.


OH! the exchange print is back on my shelf. and let’s see what’s in the play basket. a phrase out of the cut-up book catches my eye because you’re seems apropos somehow to both what I and judi have been doing lately and then find another something else on that same color paper. and they seem to find their places on the page.


just glue one down and gosh it sure sticks out I’m not sure if I like it but I’m trying to be OK with that, the not liking something. and this isn’t done yet so I don’t have to go on and cover it up who knows what judi might do with it. or not. and then I might have another chance. or not.


but the other I weave in, make it seem more integrated, not as jarring and hey it’s kinda cool on the “back” side too oh there’s some possibility


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