Arca de la Libertad

As for any island, boats would have a practical, physical significance for Cuba. They have also had strong symbolic importance throughout the nation’s history. As an installation at the Museo de la Revolución, I’m guessing this is meant as homage to the Granma, but one can’t help but think of the Mariel boatlift and all the various vessels that set forth toward Florida during Castro’s regime.

Arca de la Libertad
Acrilico y carbón sobre lino, madera y bronce
300 x 800 cm.

Roberto Fabelo, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Augustín Bejarano, Ernesto Rancaño, José Omar Torres, Eduardo Abela, Vicente R. Bonachea, José R. Fúster, Aziyadé Ruiz, Sándor Gonzáles, Rafael Pérez Alonso, Daussell Valdès, Silvio Rodríguez, Kcho, y el carpintero y escultor José María Pérez Hernández.

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