pop goes the sicle

I should probably unsubscribe from the Smitten Kitchen. All the desserts she posts look SO. GOOD! I want to make them right away. Deity figure of your choice knows I don’t need to do that. I could do a recipe from the stack of “to try sometime” every day for the rest of my life and not get through them all. Anyway. Actually she does make real food too. Hey maybe I should try some of those recipes.

A popsicle post reminded me I’d gotten a set of molds (oh, that sounds icky. Forms? It said Ice Pop Maker on the box, but that implies something active, and these don’t really DO anything. Yeah whatever, just get on with it already. That might help with those ‘to dos’ as well.) Anyway. I’d gotten this product but had not used it yet.

My first attempt I just used Cherry Sorbet and Cheesecake Ice Cream that I’d made. It sounded like a great combination, but was kinda hard getting something thick into the forms, and then maybe the consistency difference between the two flavors or who knows what, they did not want to come out.


Round One:
Ice Pop Maker: 6
Megan: 4

The second attempt I used one of those (darn) recipes I’d seen on Smitten Kitchen (that had gotten me into this whole mess in the first place!) – Strawberry, Lime and Black Pepper. It went much better, although the getting out part could use a bit more fine tuning. Oh and I’ll have to try the dipping it in tequila thing. Although that may not help with the fine tuning thing. Priorities.


Round Two:
Megan: 10
Ice Pop Maker: 0

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