for what it’s worth


Question #2, although it’s sorta two questions, isn’t it? OK, 2a and 2b (or not 2b, there’s another question! gah!)


is it worth it?
was it worth it?


who knows which, of so many different its, of course. and the original type faces I was thinking of using not enough letters at all, and so poke around a bit more, and this one has only one lower case ‘s’ I realize when I have almost everything else picked out but I can work around that and there’s a couple different tries at that and then the spacing too

and really the cards were going to be in metal type, and the questions to be readable like a game right like in life although sometimes they aren’t really, are they, but for real is it worth it? so food for thought or conversation but I can’t seem to get out of the wood, type that is and so again it starts with the words but ends up more the shape(s) of it and still haven’t figured out where the meaning of it comes in. or not. and hey I’m printing here, end up running some of the WHYS through too. oh these things take a life of their own, they do


then once the cards are printed I do a few full sheets – 8.5×11″ – with multiple passes and some times I do pick it up and look before placing the next time and sometimes I don’t look, just pick up and turn and set down again and boy howdy do some of them come out just WOW I had no idea that’s what would happen and probably couldn’t make it do that if I tried but dang that’s cool! and sheesh this is a whole nother branch off not focusing down onto the cards at all which was where I thought this was headed. huh. really. where is it all going?

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