Q cards


something who knows what – and does it even matter – has brought back the ask&say stack of all those things I printed not really sure where it was going still not sure or is it maybe not ready to say to choose to commit to not quite never ready but time to do the next thing and yes bookish but not completely fixed that is options, user involvement and/or intervention and some shimmering of game is about also right the games we play with what we ask or don’t and how we answer or not although of course sometimes not answering really is an answer

so pockets, cards … how big is a card? how many times have I had a deck in my hands and yet never really thought of it. quick, without looking it up… seven people guess. well, plus me that’s eight. none of us get it*

the amazing paper cutter

the amazing paper cutter

in the midst of all of this I find a card on the street. the lattice of coincidence. I cut paper. And maybe it’s that it doesn’t have the rounded corners or that it isn’t slick or that it doesn’t have the suit and all on it but it DOES.NOT. look like the right size. I hold it together with the card. Except for the corners, it matches. I can see/feel that. But when I look at the separately, it’s still not happening in my head. Fascinating.


Somehow a deck. 13 questions? 4 each?



Once I get set up though can’t just print 4, you know how that is. The life of its own. Print each letter then down the line, overlap each time a little different and once in a while that wow hey that’s pretty cool sorta thing happens and so

what’s the next question?

* (The most common sizes for playing cards are poker size (2.5 × 3.5 inches) and bridge size (2.25 × 3.5 inches))


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