Iota Open House


Please join us for an afternoon of wine, ink, & the forming of deep impressions

Sunday, June 14th  2:00 – 6:00pm

925 D Gravenstein Hwy. So. Sebastopol 
…Behind the Beekind honey store

You are warmly invited to the sixth annual Spring Open House at the Iota Press shop.

This year we will be celebrating the beginning of our new nonprofit organization, North Bay Letterpress Arts, which will work to deepen the roots of the printing arts in our area.

New and unique work by the members of the Iota Co-op will be on display and for sale. An old press will be printing things so you can try it yourself, & there is much to look at in the collection of printing tools, type & books. It is also possible that the Poetic License Bureau will be accepting applications.

Hope to see you at our Bemusement Park…


Extra added attraction: A thrill-packed preview of the Steamroller Printing Fair !


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