2015 Fruita Singletrack: Day 5


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Again, in the context of vacation, the day of the week has a different feeling. Somehow I’m not so excited for it to be Friday already. Last yummy breffast and pack up.


It’s dry, but there’s Weather on the horizon. Forecast says it’s a doozy. The guides decide they’ll pack up camp, and let us guests squeeze in a bit of a ride.

I go to suit up, and find I’m losing my sole. On one of my shoes that is, it’s starting to let loose. I actually do have another pair – paid attention to my note to self for once, and got some spares when I found I liked them (I’m guessing this model is no longer made, but who knows. With the perversity of the universe, since I DO have more they probably still are available.) – but have been trying to eke the last bit of life out of this pair. John comes to the rescue with a bang-up duct tape job.

They mention what we did yesterday, so they’ll know where we are, although later (duh) I have the thought shoulda asked about (or just done) some of the other trails. A few of us head out, I’m soon on my own.

Anyway, the dirt is super sweet. Kessel is way fun to do again, and it’s nice riding by myself. It’s pretty blustery, which is kind neat too. Makes me feel very alive and present in the moment and appreciate the bigness and amazingness of Mama Nature.

I loop around and do the lower part a second time. Then some of the other trail. Then worry about being the last one back and head in. Shoot, there’s still two others out. Maybe there’s time… Josh and John are already in the van. I look the question. John doesn’t even roll down the window, just gives a stern dad look and shakes his head NO. Okey doke. Well at least I got a bit of a ride.


The others get back, finish loading up and we head to town. The Weather blows through without having amounted to much, and it’s sunny by the time we get to Grand Junction. Oh well. It had been pretty ominous looking, and you just never know.

Turns out to be too early to check in to the hotel, but I get a ride downtown. Console myself with some yummy ice cream at Enstrom. See more of the Art on the Corner pieces. Have a nice walk along the Riverfront Trail. Salmon fish and chips (actually sweet potato fries) and a nice porter at the brew pub. Some hunting and gathering – contributions to the Colorado economy. Oh here’s a downpour. Wait for it to pass. Finish off the day with a Dairy Queen cone with the chocolate dip, thank you very much!

 more pictures

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