well red text

The next/final step for the cards. Well, for the printing. There’s still the folding, but that’s nothing to write home about.

BestEver Cards

and then adding the text layer, on the other Vandercook, they all – each press – has its own personality and things to remember and what am I doing here anyway? yes, there’s always that. oops, didn’t write down the furniture sizes, but between the pictures and a little bit of trial and error get the set up and then away we go. always a little bit of magic what looks like a huge stack to print and next thing they are on the drying rack! and again neat to see how the different layers work together and some of them I do turn before I print so the emptier side is to the back where the more text is but most of them just print as they are in the rhythm of it all paper. in the grippers. turn. print. click. release. lift. onto the rack. paper. in the…

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