Art on the Corner


The hotel shuttle driver who drove me downtown told me about Art on the Corner – sculptures all over downtown – and recommended the buffalo out of bumpers in particular. Which was a great recommendation, but there was lots of fun stuff. I was amazed by the number of pieces – it was all over, not just on corners – and the variety. Super cool and inspiring!

CIMG2804 CIMG2743

According to the signage, Art on the Corner (AOTC) was established in 1984 by Grand Junction area sculptors. AOTC is a year-round outdoor display of sculpture in the downtown area. There are more than 100 pieces, approximately three-quarters of which are part of the permanent collection, with the balance being part of the annual temporary show. The temporary pieces are available for purchase.

It’s always neat how sculpture interacts with its environment.

There were also some pieces with poems on the bases! The poetry is from the Western Colorado Writers’ Forum Poetry on the Streets program. More super coolness. It gives me hope for the world that people make things like this happen.


more pictures

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