Lithic Press


Grand Valley Books has a nice general poetry section, and also one of local/Colorado poets. A couple of the books catch my eye – yes, that by the cover thing – and, although different poets, both turn out to be from Lithic PressAmor Fati, by Jack Mueller, and July, by Kyle Harvey.

Not letterpress, but with a great aesthetic – the design, or book craft or I’m not quite sure what the word is for it. That Something, the Just Right Feel. There’s the sense that the person (or people) who made these loves books, and reading, and poetry, and puts all that care into the object.

There’s some quote about great typography being invisible – the idea that it’s a vessel and shouldn’t get in the way of what you are trying to read. There’s something of that sense with these books, that the presentation doesn’t intrude. At the same time, they are really beautiful and well done and pleasing to hold and read. The design supports and enhances the poetry.

Here’s the cover of July. How could I pass up this?


It’s a fascinating extended musing on a time/place/state of mind.


And Amor Fati – the drawings made me think of Eric of Iota Press, and these lines on the first page inside grabbed me:


You will never
understand me,

I will never
understand you.

Love starts there.

and, a few pages later:

Maybe grammar is a way language has
of getting even with its own irregularities.


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