2015 Fruita Singletrack: Day 4


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The morning is sunny, with that freshly washed feeling of after a rain. There’s still a few puffs of cloud here and there, but it’s a beautiful day. Looks very promising for riding.

Coffee, breakfast. Hot grains cereal (I gussy it up with berries, yogurt, and walnuts – YUM!), bacon and toasted bagels. They’ve cooked six pounds of bacon. Six. Question for the research department: how many pigs is that?

We hang out for a while to give the trails a chance to dry out, then give it a go. Short ride up the campground road and hop on Kessel Run. Super duper excellent fun smooth swoopy deliciousness. I love the smell of singletrack in the morning. Yeah, that’ll put a smile on your face! Still a little moist though, so when we pop out on the road the guides call it to head back up to camp and give the trails a little more time.


May as well drink a beer while I’m waiting. The sun is quite strong now, which is good for drying, but also raises another squall. Hang out in the trailer while it passes.

OK, reboot. Lunch, give the trails some dry time, try the ride thing again. The sun is really warm again, and I lay on the picnic table bench and soak some up. I put my hat over my face to shade it, it’s got some eyelet holes, and for a bit I watch cloud puffs float by through one of them. It’s unexpectedly amusing and entertaining. Or maybe that’s the mid-day beer.

After another while Josh and John go out scouting and decide we’ll give it another try. Saddle up! Switch out of nap mode to Let’s Riding Bikes! Up the road and take two on Kessel Run. Deja vu and still fun. This time continue on to the lower section. More funner!


Bit of road over to Prime Cut, a gently climbing singletrack that winds up a small valley. The stream is dry, but of the wash are filled with drifts of tumbleweeds. Josh and John had been thinking to do PBR, but after seeing the condition of a few riders and their bikes who’d just come down it they decide not to.


The trail we’re on gets too muddy to continue on as well, so we cut out to the road. Well, if Plan A doesn’t work, there’s 25 other letters in the alphabet. Up to the top of the campground road loop and out toward Chutes and Ladders. Get to a junction and … again stopped by mud. Should have brought beer. Every time we have to turn around everyone has to shotgun one.


Oh well, it’s fun going the other direction too. One more try out Frontside trail, and again stymied by mud. But it’s a beautiful day, and I’m out on my bike. Can’t complain. Back for one more run down the top of Kessel, and then clean up to go to town for dinner.


Super cute restaurant, Hot Tomato, with a great patio out back. Just don’t poke your eye out on the umbrellas. Josh has pre-ordered salads and stromboli (the meat tootsie rolls, as they’d been described. One of those things I didn’t know I needed to eat, but now I have. Roll of meat and cheese encased in crispy chewy dough. I think I just drooled on the keyboard thinking about it.)

That would have been a meal, but they ordered pizza too. A Meaty Boy (yeah, what it sounds like), Hula Hula (Hawaiian, with jalapeños) and a Hot Mess (Spicy Chipotle Pesto Sauce with Mozzarella, Spinach, Tomatoes, Bacon, Garlic and Bleu Cheese – yes, it is as amazing as it sounds).

Back to camp, go for a little walk, hang out and have a beer. As the sun drops Jon builds the campfire. We all watch. What is it about fire building that everyone has an opinion about how it should be done? He gets it going quickly. Boy’s got skills. Rager. There’s lots of wood. Guess better to have some left over at the end then run out. Still no marshmallows. Not that I could squeeze anything else in with the food baby I’ve got going on anyway.


Le sigh. Last night. Not maudlin, but quiet. Sit around and enjoy the fire. And the stars. Clear as a bell tonight, they sparkle and twinkle. And there’s SO MANY of them.

Turn in. This time don’t mess around, put the earplugs in right away. Fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Wake up at some point during the night, it’s quiet so I take the earplugs out. There is a little wind, and/or maybe some rain, but doesn’t seem like anything too crazy.


more pictures

city lights in the distance - like stars, only different

city lights in the distance – like stars, only different

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